LitesFresnell C6 RGBACL

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Lites F200 C6 Color RGBACL är en professionell Fresnel-armatur som integrerar en LED COB i sex färger för att ge en oräknelig färgpalett. Användningen av Red Green Blue Amber Cyan Lime tillåter färggraderingar som behövs för nästan alla situationer.

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Lites F200 C6 Colour RGBACL is a professional Fresnel luminaire that integrates  a LED COB a six colour to yield a countless colour palette. The use of the Red Green Blue Amber Cyan Lime, permit colour gradations wanted in the architectural sectors. Lites F200 C6 is a ground-breaking luminaire in traditional colour changers’ domains because it replaces traditional tungsten bulbs and does away with gels and secures unwanted shades, providing seamless and colour-grade distribution stances across the illuminated areas. Lites F 200 C6 has 10 preset whites from 2300 ° K to 10,000 ° K with minimum CRI from 93 to 98 depending on the white selected.

The Lites F200 C6 is a low consumption luminaire as it draws no more than 200W. The sturdy aluminium die-cast body makes the Lites F200 C6 aesthetically an eye-catching product and ensures optimal heat dissipation; the on-board helicoid-screw allows for ample 20°-60° beam adjustments. Lites F200 C6 is a flicker-free operation unit and accounts for the on-board display for a 16-bit dimming as well as fans’ operation controls to a complete idle state of the fans if necessary.

Lites F200 C6 installations can be juxtaposed with the use of favoured IN/OUT 5-pin XLR and powercon connectors and the ready RD and or DMX Protocols do away with bulky dimmers and other accessories. Pole operated yoke, to facilitate the complex remote orientation, as well as linear Zoom facilities are available on request when ordering.Product of Italy. (Designed and manufactured by Lites srl).

Technical Specifications

Power Supply: 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz auto-setting (single-phase)
Maximum power consumption: 200W Minimum room temperature: -10°C
Stand-by power consumption: 5W Maximum room temperature: 35°C
LED life 30.000 Hrs (see manufacturer’s specifications) Maximum body temperature: 60°C
Available LED colour RGBACL(Red 1400 lm, green 1500 lm, blue 600 lm, amber 2300 lm, cyan 1400 lm, lime 3600 lm)
Led emission: 10800 lm total (see manufacturer’s specifications)
CCT 2300°k to 10.000°k CRI from 93 to 98 depending on the selected white
Emulation of 3200 ° k halogen lamp during the dimming phase
7 operating modes, 16 bit dimming, rgb, HSI
Beam angle: 20°-60° via helical screw
Minimum CRI: 90 > and 97 > (depending on LED model) Protection grade: IP20
Die-aluminium body to maximize heat dissipation Working position: +90°/-90° on vertical axe
Rear handle for good grip of unit; side-lock on mounting yoke to adjust and set unit position
Fresnel lens Ø150mm Colour-frame gate dimensions: 185x195mm
Data Protocols: DMX 512 and/or RDM ready User’s interface: 4-digit display and 4 keys
Power connectors: IN – OUT power-con Neutrik connectors Data connectors: IN – OUT Neutrik XRL 5
Control of LED frequency: selection of LED frequency refresh Fan noise from 12dB to 18dB max at 1m
Dimming curves control: selection of four dimming curves control
Manual operations: via keys provided on the display Accessory: 4-leaf barndoor
Net weight: 6,9Kg Gross weight: 7,5Kg Cubical volume: 0,0512m³
Compliant to: ce-logo-01

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