MZU 256 D, ZOOM PROFILE SPOTLIGHT, electr. ballast

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NIETHAMMER MZU 256 D, zoom – profile spotlight with condenser optics, 6 – 17°, 2,500 W, quiet fan, electr. ballast

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MZU 256 D, elektronisk ballast

Zoom profile spotlight with condenser, Low Noise Fan
6 – 17°
2.500 W

Beam angle / zoom adjustable from 6 to 17°
Axial luminous intensity 4.200.000 cd at 6°
550.000 cd at 17°
Reflector Dichroic cold light glass reflector
Socket G 38 for HMI 2.500 W
(A x B xC)
1.410 x 380 x 700 mm
Weight 95 kg


  • High-performance optics with 2-lens condenser optics
  • Zoom optics with two polished plano-convex lenses with broadband anti-reflective coating
  • Aspheric condenser lens anti-reflective
  • Polished spherical intermediate lens
  • Forced ventilation with low-noise axial fan to extend the service life of the lamp
  • Fixed quadruple aperture sliders and removable iris diaphragm
  • Soft focus kit as an option on the tube lens mount
  • Completely even light distribution with absolutely precise slit imaging quality of the diaphragm sliders and the projections to be imaged
  • Focus and zoom lens control knobs easily adjustable and lockable to operate from one side. Attached to one side to prevent reaching around (risk of injury).
  • Control unit with quadruple aperture slider (optionally 8-fold) and projection slot for gobos size A
  • Optional gobo holder with heat-insulated handle
  • Quadruple shutter slides with heat-insulated handles stored in 4 levels, with the possibility of pushing in all shutter slides at the same time.
  • Possibility of twisting the lamp housing in relation to the headlight tube endlessly 360° without tools, can be locked in 9 positions.
  • Easy lamp replacement without tools
  • Compact headlight housing made of thin-walled sheet steel
  • Triple slot for filter frames according to DIN 15560 (275 x 275 mm)
  • All metallic parts are protected against corrosion
  • All adjustment and handle elements are made of heat-insulating material
  • Gobo holder size A + / – 42° rotatable in addition to the lamp housing
  • Shutter slider + / – 42° rotatable in addition to the lamp housing