HPLed II T 3000-5700K, S4

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Ge nytt liv till din Source Four och ändra den till en effektiv led-profilspotlight med detta Retrofit från Lites. HPLed II T. Variabel 3000K-5700K.


Give new life to your  Source Four  and change it into an efficient led profile spotlight

  • Easy maintenance (remove the glass spotlight and insert the unit by screwing in the three screws. Required time: 5/7 minutes )
  • Light quality (consistent light, high colour rendering CRI >90, constant colour temperature, luminous flux equivalent to a 750w halogen lamp, flicker free, no adjustment required, sharp and focused outlines without aberrations, compatible with ETC optics)
  • Consumption – electrical connection (low consumption, maximum power consumption 170W, electrical connection by means of neutrik connectors with the possibility of powering various projectors on the same line)
  • Dimming (Power supply directly connected to the network 110/240 V~, dimming control through the 8 or 16 bits DMX control, adjustment of the reaction times, quick reaction, dimming curves, always with a uniform and smooth operation, without jumps even at the lower light level, RDM control)
  • Heat (drastic temperature reduction of the projector unit resulting in savings for air-conditioning; possibility of using gobos printed on acetate sheets)
  • Maintenance (savings for lamps replacement, lamp average life 300/500 hours, depending on the model, Led life 50,000 hours, as estimated by the manufacturer)
  • Noise (efficient and silent cooling, with possibility to adjust the fan speed)
  • Protections (inner active control system which adjusts the operation of the unit by controlling the temperature thus protecting it in any situation)
  • Versions (a complete range with a variety of versions in order to meet all needs, available with 3000°k, 4000°k, 5600°k white light, white variable from 3000° to 5700°k, coloured RGBWA, red, green, blue, white, amber)
  • Cheap (cost-effective PROFESSIONAL solution which allows to recycle the existing frames using the same fly cases)
  • Made in Italy (made and assembled in Italy using reliable and high quality components)

Technical Specifications

Power Supply: 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz auto-setting (single-phase)
Maximum power consumption: 170W Minimum room temperature: -10°C
Stand-by power consumption: 5W Maximum room temperature: 35°C
CRI: 96 (3000°K) and 94 (5700°K) LED life 50.000 Hrs (see manufacturer’s specifications)
LED arrays 3000°K to 5700°K
Protection grade: IP20 (HOUSE HPLED in original ETC S4 only)
Double lens optics with multiple anti-reflection coatings
Working position: any (HOUSE HPLED in original ETC S4 only)
Data Protocols: DMX 512 and/or RDM ready User’s interface: 4-digit display and 4 keys
Power connectors: IN – OUT power-con Neutrik connectors Data connectors: IN – OUT Neutrik XRL 5
Control of LED frequency: selection of LED frequency refresh Fan control: fan speed adjustments
Dimming curves control: selection of two dimming curves control
Manual operations: via keys provided on the display
Net weight: 2,49Kg Packed weight: 3,30Kg Packaging volume: 0,012m³
Compliant to: ce-logo-01